GIS Data

A significant component of our year-one grant effort is to identify, document, and disseminate all the data collected over the years on the biogeochemistry (i.e. all the data we can find) of the Belgrade Lakes Watershed.  Table 1 lists data themes that are relevent to this project.  Table 2 lists specific  data sources.

Table 1. GIS Data Themes
Theme # Title Description Comment
1 Watershed Boundaries Shape files of watershed, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds
2 Lake Bathymetry Individual and contoured data on lake bathymetry
3 Geology layers of bedrock and soil
4 Elevation Digital elevation data at several scales
5 Conservation Land Shape File mixing ME Conservation Land with BRCA/Kennebec Highlands
6 NPS Survey’s Shapefiles (points) surveys done on  the status of  roads, buffers, driveways, etc
7 Gloeotrichia Shapefile (points)
8 Conservation Corps Projects Shapefile (points)
9 Lake Smart Awards Shapefile (points)
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Table 2. GIS Data Sources

Source # Title Description Comment
1 Watershed Boundary Shape files of watershed, Maine Office of GIS
2 Lake Bathymetry Colby point and shape files contact King
3 Elevation Shapefile Maine Office of GIS
4 Conservation Land Shapfile BRCA/Maine Office of GIS
5 NPS Survey Shapefile (only two lakes found so far) BRCA/Colby/KSWD
6 Gloeotrichia Shapefile (points) BRCA
7 Conservation Corps Projects Shapefile (points) BRCA
8 LakeSmart Awards Shapefile (points) BRCA
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