Classmate Proposal Critiques

Signey Coakley

  • Joseph Wright of Derby
  • Scientific themed canvasses – intense realism, use of light to represent visual and metaphorical new knowledge of time period (Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution)
  • What are his personal beliefs and predictions in scientific advances affecting rural British culture?
  • What kind of primary sources?

Ling Ding

John Egner

  • Focusing more on the social or historical or political?
  • Are you going to have a history of “found object art” from readymades to now?

Nora Hill

Clara Nuckols

  • What do you mean by placement? ¬†Height or venue?

Nina Oleynik

  • I like the idea of taking a masculine tradition and making it female

Kat Restrepo

  • What do you mean when you say “positive change?” What does that encapsulate?

Katie Ryan

Jina Stanfill

Gillian Wei

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