Khalid made it clear that social media is powerful, for its universal use and ability to bring people the truth. Thus, Social media serves as a platform for a revolution where many people can gather for the same cause. At the same time, it cannot be a platform for a full Revolution as it lacks its ability to reach and affect the people that can make actual change.

Khalid’s work was shown to reach a wide audience. In fact, his work has been able to reach at least a million views. From his talk, I understand that partly why his work reaches so many people is due to his work. For one thing, his work is speaking to views that affect many people directly and should affect them if it does not. He is speaking to everyone when he does his political cartoons as he covers stories and events that occur all over the world. In addition, Khalid uses visuals with as little language as possible, this helps his work become a piece that people can make their own. In this way, many are able to relate and if it does so, all it takes is a “share” or talk with friends to lead to it being exposed to a massive amount of people world wide. Furthermore, as Khalid has mentioned, there is so much access to social media. More importantly however, is the fact that social media is can bring the truth to people. In cases of censorship, like in Sudan, no one received the truth and propaganda was used to show what the government wanted to show. At the same time, media and social media can share the real news.

Social Media is thus, a great medium to reach people. Sometimes this may even be the only way we get the truth of what’s happening in our communities, our country, and our world. For example, today, social media is the reason such a bigger audience knows of the reality of police brutality. Khalid made it clear to us how accessible and useful social media can be for a revolution with his work as an example. Khalid he can create a couple of works a day and once he shares them it’s a start. This kind of start with others who have similar or different ideas can be the next revolution. In addition, a positive effect of using social media as a platform for activism would be breaking the typical view of one person being able to change and/or lead a revolution. Social media gives many the opportunity to represent and heard, a very progressive move. Lastly, the truth and the awareness social media brings can ultimately save lives.

As great as social media can be there is appoint where it wont be effective enough to reach a full revolution. Take for example the Black Lives Matter movement. Black Lives Matter hit it off on the internet yet there has to be more done. It has reached a very large audience but at the same time receives a lot of backlash. For example, it has been altered and people fight for All Lives Matter which is pure nonsense. Many have been able to join the movement but there needs to be other steps taken to affect those who can make actual change. This said, social media is a great first start to a revolution as it grabs more of people’s attention yet more needs to be done for real change.