Requirements for Students

Regular attendance is required.
Regular weekly blogging is required.
Starting on Sept. 13, students will write a thoughtful 500-word essay (not a summary) each week in response to the lecture and post it to the Continuing Revolutions  site. There are 12 evening lectures, and you will need 11 posts for course credit.  Use the date of the lecture as the category.
If you are unable to attend one of the lectures, please ask Professor Fleming or Dionne if you can write about another “Revolutions” themed event.

To post an essay:

1.  Log in to the Continuing Revolutions site.

2. Click on the “+New” tab right above the Continuing Revolutions header and select “Post” from the drop-down menu.

3.  That will bring you to the “Edit Post” page.

4.  Type the title of your post in the blank space immediately under the “Edit Post” title.

4.  Type your post in the text box.  You can use any of the formatting controls above the text box.

5. In the “Categories” box in the middle of the right-hand sidebar, select the date of the event you are posting about.

6. In the “Tags” box under “Categories,” add one or two words (separated by a comma and space) that describe your post’s content and then click “Add.”

7. In the upper right-hand corner, click the blue “Publish” button.

When it has been published, you can view your post by clicking the “View post” link above your post’s title. You can also edit your post by clicking on the “Edit Post” link in the black box at the bottom of your post.  That will return you to the “Edit Post” page where you can edit as you wish.  Once you are done, click on the blue “Update” button at the far right of the screen.

For further assistance in posting, please contact Ellen Freeman or Mark Wardecker