It is so often we take for granted that we have life. All of us have intentions of having the best life possible, and this is different for everyone, but we spend precious time doing pointless things that don’t work towards the things we really want. What we do with our free time is vital to the type of success one might have while reaching a goal.


If you think about people like Bill gates. Steve jobs, Oprah Winfrey, or anyone really who has made it to the very pinnacle of success, when they finally obtain their greatest accolades, in their speeches they often talk about what they were willing to give up to achieve their dreams or how much the people around them had to sacrifice. They all have stories of giving up the things they wanted to do in order to do something they felt they needed to do. Much of this sacrifice has to do with how they spent their time. Sacrifice is centered around time. When one sacrifices for something that can reward them in the future they can put time in their favor.


The great thing about sacrifice is that it is temporary. By sacrificing for your goals you are temporarily giving up one thing, for the long term success of another thing. By doing this, one can actually gain time in their lifetime. Maybe not actual time, but leisure time. Instead of using their free time to make themselves happy with frivolous things that the individual doesn’t actually gain anything from, they use their time to work towards a meaningful and rewarding goal. This way, when they reach the pinnacle of success early in their life, they no longer have to worry about working a nine to five job to make ends meet. They have all the time in the world to do whatever it is they want to do, so they did indeed gain time.


By looking at this relationship between the time we have in our lifetime and the leisure time we have in our lifetime we can see that money drives our world. That this way of thinking is only applicable to a world in which we live in, where a currency drives the individual’s motives. If we had no currency, no money. What would motivate us? Surviving? Could we live in a world that is better for the individual, free of sacrifice? The ancient Andean people lived and thrived without a currency. Economists say that without a currency there is sure to be inefficiencies but the only kind of inefficiencies that the Andean people had were surpluses. They worked in an economic system that was better for the greater good. They found that by working with each other they could be as efficient as possible. Today, in a world where selfish motives are the intentions of many, maybe humanity’s biggest sacrifice is working together. If every nation were to work together we could gain time and be efficient as humanly possible.