Marcos Perez claimed that revolutions are crucial, nebulous, and catalysts of social change. Revolutions are necessary for changes in society, even if they do not always work out. The success of a revolution cannot be measured by its total accomplishment of one goal. Rather, it should be measured based on the impact it leaves and the implications it has for the future. Revolutions are complicated, and it takes a while for their effects to be felt or visible. However, each movement in history contributes to the possibility of a global revolution: The Revolution. This revolution would be felt all over the world in order to make a drastic change. The prospect of this revolution is exciting. Personally, I would love to see this revolution in my lifetime. Given the current political climate of the world, it may be closer than we think.

To be involved in a revolution, one must be willing to pay a high cost for a very slim chance of success. Being a revolutionary is risky and you must be willing to give up almost everything. The issues revolutionaries are fighting for are extremely important to them, which is why they are taking the risk. This is also why revolutions are so full of passion. Revolutionaries have sacrificed so much for what they want, and they are willing to give more to see it through. So while being a part of a revolution does not guarantee success, for those who truly believe in the cause, they have no other choice.

When one becomes a part of a revolution, they loose their individuality. They now take on the role of being a part of the group, and what that entails. In order to accomplish the goals of their revolution, every player has to be willing to conform. They must do what is best for the group and the cause, even if it is not what is best for the individual. When many people join together, groupthink occurs. People do things they may not necessarily do if they were acting alone. This can lead to some dangerous and reckless behaviors that turn into sacrifices for those involved. However, for a revolution to be successful, people must be willing to conform and make these sacrifices.

Individuals have agency while groups have structure. However, both are necessary for a successful revolution. Individuals with agency must come together to form a structure with agency. If there is no agency, the revolution will not be successful. Revolutions require sacrifices, but if the issue is important enough they are worth it. Just because a revolution is not successful in achieving its ultimate goal, does not mean it is not successful. Every revolution is a stepping-stone for a global revolution to occur. They are preparation for the ultimate event of discord. It may be closer than we think.