The revolutions campaign has been a success and the pioneers of this idea deserve a pat on the back. The phenomenal theme covered diverse fields enough to enlighten us all. Closing the series, i could not help asking myself, what factors led us as  society this far and which individuals deserve credit for moving us a mile further.

Today’s world has been shaped by several factors that, each deserve some degree of credit.  What deserves more credit, is it communication and ideas or the existence of cultures, religion and science, probably the marriage of science and technology, but what would all those be without population growth that led to urbanization.  These are all primary generalized factors that shaped the nature of the globe. Which one really moved us forward? What was indeed revolutionary?

I believe the industrial revolution was the greatest of all time. An industrial revolution was inevitable, in the breaking old chains, and shaping a new better world.  We ought to give enormous credit to the industrial revolution for being a key factor that drove expansion. To be honest, humans had hit a wall in terms of increase of energy levels to allow for more production. The human muscle power had reached its maximum potential. Something needed to happened for the human society to progress and industrial revolution might be arguably the best revolution to occur on earth. Electricity was effectively harnessed. Improvements were made to industrial processes with the aid of power-driven machinery using mass production techniques.

Communication today makes the world feel smaller. The incredible platforms available to communicate all across the globe have been of positive change. Another milestone included the successful death control measures contributed to a burst in population. Vaccinations, antibiotics, and sanitation measures cut death rates. The life expectancy rates significantly went increased.

Factors that shaped the nature of the globe may differ depending on who you consult. Some individuals give credit to  people and leaders like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin,  Alexander Graham Bell, and Nelson Mandela etc.  This series encouraged the interplay of different fields in the most informative way.