What does it mean to be revolutionary in todays society? Specifically what does it mean to argue against the status quo in a time where material condition often crowds the underlying decaying condition of infrastructure, wages, and health. I think a lot about this question and what it means in a time at Colby where hyper-bourgeois liberalism is so rampant. I think back to the times when people here often acted as if they were for changing the conditions for those marginalized and were behind change that advocated for marginalized people’s rights. However, I have often experienced that people are for revolutionary ideas but not for revolutionary action. That is for example when students protested for action against the rampant racism and homophobia and sexism on yik yak, the general response of the campus was of both disgust and annoyance. People asserted that there is no need to protest or demand revolution on a campus that is already so “liberal”. In this one instance I began to see the hypocrisy and ignorance of so the called “liberal” and began to see their brand of revolution as one that is only convenient or that does not go against the structures that make them so comfortable.

Now, going back to the question of what does it mean to be revolutionary in today’s society? I keep thinking if clear cut revolution is possible when people are so comfortable with structure. At least at colleges and universities I would say no. People here often are very expressive with feelings and ideas, but at the end of the day no one here is against the institutions that may be because they all wish to benefit from this in the future with their well paying jobs and security. This desire to be apart of a world that they want to change is far too paradoxical. Revolution is about changing how society is ruled through its organization and authority. Revolution requires action, physical action, not feelings, and for that reason I would say people here are full of shit.