Marcos Perez discussed what it is like to be a revolutionary. He asked multiple questions such as, what is it like to be on the front lines of a revolution, how much do revolutions matter, where is a revolution more likely to occur, why do people join revolutions and why do some people make substantial sacrifices while others do not? The last two questions are the most interesting to me. Perez discussed the psychological aspects of revolutions and revolutionaries. He explained the main idea of why people join revolutionaries revolves around coming together with other people. Although everyone wants to be unique and an individual, people like to enter crowds and become something greater than themselves. However, this doesn’t only relate to revolutions. It is clear how people like to join in groups by looking at concerts, churches and sports games. All the excitement and people around you affect the way you behave. In revolutions, this is even more true.

Revolutions are similar to those events in the way they make people lose their individuality in a big group, but there are obviously many differences. One of them relates to the question, why do people make substantial sacrifices while others do not? Joining a revolution means risking your life and often do not have any immediate benefits. Revolutions are crucial in our society because they are the catalysis for social change. There is a tremendous amount of discrimination in our world, which means that there will always be something that needs to be changed. There will always be people who are upset because they are treated unfairly. People join revolutions when they feel strongly about what the revolution stands for, no matter the consequences. We see this today in the Black Lives Matter movement, the feminist movement and many more. Since the election, there have been many protests against Donald Trump. The people protesting believe strongly in what they are fighting for.

It is crucial that we have revolutionaries to stand up and fight for what they believe needs to be changed because in our society, a lot needs to be changed. It is not always easy because there are many consequences, but there are even more consequences if nothing is done. It is extremely powerful seeing tons of people come together to protest. Growing up in New York, there were protests going on all around me. The internet and social media provided information about when, where and what the protests were about, which made it easier for many people, sometimes me, to show up. After Trump was elected, my entire newsfeed consisted of posts on information about protests occurring throughout the city. Most of the people posting were high school students who want to make a change. That is all it takes to be a revolutionary and it is extremely important. There are a lot of things that need to be changed in our society so it is important we understand why people join revolutions and what that means.