I would argue that most people on this Earth can agree that humans have been one of, if not the most revolutionary species to ever exist on this planet. We all may have biased opinions of our own species, or this may be based in fact, and humans may just be that monumental and influential to the overall history of this planet. I think Latour made some interesting proposals, however I think he was looking at revolutions in a unique way in comparison to the general public of our world. I think a very high percentage of people would agree that the scientific revolution occurred and was a very important – and revolutionary time in human history. There is a lot of evidence to back this claim and a perfect example is the fact that nearly everyone from 14 years and older in our modern society carries around a smart phone with the world at the fingertips. This is something we may now take for granted, but is a clear representation of the development of humans technologically, which would not have been possible without revolutions such as the scientific revolution.

Latour argues that the revolutionary topics we label as revolutions in our modern time are not only for those people that are specializing in that particular field, but instead are combinations of science, politics, and technology, and include overlapping issues between specialists and the general public. I would counter this claim by saying that these topics coinciding with each other actually supports the opposite of his idea that humans have never been revolutionary, by allowing all cultures and regions of the world to be revolutionary in so many various ways. Humans now being able to donate, volunteer, and write anything and have it instantly available to others with our modern technology allows for revolutionary things to be accomplished by combining forces around the globe. What I mean to say is that these revolutions are now extremely inclusive in comparison to the revolutions of the past, and this leads to many more people having the ability to influence revolutions and to help solve issues in our modern time.

I agree that the barriers and limitations between subjects and cultures from the past have been taken down however, I think this shows us to be truly revolutionary. If we consider how much humans have changed from discovering fire to now discovering planets millions of miles away that could harbor life, I think the truth is evident that humans are the most revolutionary organism to ever walk on the face of the Earth. Latour argues that science is not pure because it is tainted by money, and government, but I think that this claim is assuming that all humans believe all scientific claims and ideas no matter the source or reason the information is being published or posted. I would like to argue that this is not the case, and that most humans are capable of being the judge or what is purely scientific and what is deceptive or an unreliable source of information. I was confident this was the case until somewhat recently when Obama addressed the public about the issue surrounding fake news sites and the advertising of false information using social media outlets. This makes it unclear to me whether or not we are truly capable of explaining all ideas of various fields using other fields, and finding the pure truth in each, and in this way it also makes me question how revolutionary we can consider ourselves nowadays in contrast with the other revolutionary time frames in human history.