At its core, humanity’s only saving grace is the environment. But, most people lack this basic understanding of life. If only people could understand that the environment is going to slay us all, therefore, it does not matter how much we hate each other anyway. This lack of understanding is primarily due to the dishonesty and image common folk have of the elite and educated. The modern day media has caused this foundation of hatred toward affluent people. The complexity and interrelationships spawned by the media’s lack of true reporting skills create a deep-seated challenge in changing the current eye rolling of regular people to trust and acceptance of educated and factual ideas. Right now is the time to challenge and overthrow this attitude of mistrust. The election of Donald Trump was a moment of war for the souls and spirits of humanity. It is now when the spotlight is on the poor reporting done by the media that educated people must voice their concerns. The only real concern that connects everyone together? The environment. People must challenge the media’s use of language and articulate WHY people are so petrified by this election. People must find the humanity in targeting the environment to evoke empathy from all people in all countries, regardless of their race, education, or culture. Because EVERYONE on this planet is tied to the environment. It is especially important to note that the image of opposition must always have a voice. If one does not

It is especially important to note that the image of opposition must always have a voice. If one does not give them a voice, they will not listen. If they don’t listen, nothing will change. And change is what we need. Of course, activism is always a good outlet to create change. However, activism can be just misplaced hate, where nobody is informed and displaces the working class. Activism must take the form of the “new hip thing” – the new hip thing being caring about the environment. How is this done? By changing the narrative by getting people to think about what their stance is on the matter.

The powerful people in society are the ones to be mistrusted. They ask minorities to cleanse a place and move there, which people do because they are not told the truth about the real health implications and negative consequences that are actually found in that area. It is a lack of care and compassion and this is a huge problem that people must work towards eliminating by removing these cancerous people from powerful positions. But this can be done not by challenging the democracy – that is not democratic. It can be done by challenging the definitions imposed by those in power. This brings us to the age-old argument concerning apathy and historic America versus bigotry and racism, an argument whose roots are the foundation of our country – one discovered by egocentric people who forced control over another population in order to gain control. It is this very foundation that must be destroyed and rebuilt and the time is now!