This past week I was unable to attend the lecture due to the change of days. I am in another Revolutions themed course called “Masculinities in Post-Revolutionary Cuba and Mexico.” I have been taking this course all semester and it has been excellent. Primarily, we have focused on exploring the topic of how Cuba and Mexican American Males Revolutionaries are portrayed in various performances.

In order to do so, we have read plays, listened to music, watched videos of dancing, and explored many other mediums of performance. In addition to exploring historical revolutions that already happened, we also investigated how performance can be revolutionary. For example, in the class, we discussed whether or not a photograph should be considered a performance. For me, this thought was revolutionary, as I had never considered art to be a performance. After thinking about this more, I now think that we can consider photography a performance and these performances can be revolutionary.

This past week in the class, we began planning our final project. For the project, the members of the class will come together to do a performance that focuses on a topic that we deem needs a revolution. In the class, we debated some possible ideas and two rose to the top of our list- masculinity at Colby and “popping the Colby Bubble.” Ultimately, after watching the election a few weeks ago, we decided to explore the topic of the Colby Bubble and how we could go about popping the Colby Bubble. I feel that the election showed us how sometimes at Colby we find ourselves unconnected to the outside world. In the class (and more generally at Colby) we were all surprised by the Trump Victory in the election. This is just further shows how much of a bubble Colby is since nobody on Mayflower Hill expected him to win.

For our performance, we have decided to encourage members of the Colby Community to pop the Colby Bubble. This would be a revolutionary thought for some Mules. Our general idea about what we want to do is as follows. We would like to engage students and faculty in the Spa by almost bringing the bubble to them and making them realize that this is a real issue. Our initial vision for the project is the following: we all walk into the Spa wearing Bubble Soccer Suits from Bubble Soccer. Before we enter, we would have covered the wall in bubble wrap and have a bubble machine producing bubbles for all those in the Spa. This would allow them to pop their own bubbles while metaphorically pop bubbles and think about how the Colby Bubble is a very real problem on Mayflower Hill. Our hope for the project is that people at Colby will begin to think more about life outside of Mayflower Hill.