When the last global soccer season ended, back in April of this year, something incredibly crazy had taken place. Something which no one could have accounted for; something for which statistics had no justification; something which any data in the world could not explain. Leicester City, a soccer team barely anyone within global soccer circles had even heard of, had clinched the English Premier League, defeating the mighty and globally recognised teams of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool. When its coach was asked the biggest reason of their success, he attributed it to their ‘firm belief’. This whole example teaches us one thing, that even though the world has undergone a data revolution, there are some things which can never be undermined.

Last Tuesday, Professor Hanlon discussed about how data affects every aspect of our lives, while also reminding of its potential risk. Data sees everything in black and white, and leaves no room for abstract qualities. Data is nothing but just binary cods strung codes, looking to transform inout into quantifiable output. Therefore, it is essential that we remain aware of how to utilise data. let us not forget; data is one of those things which distinguishes humans from animals. It makes our lives extremely convenient. However, if we fail to keep control over data and instead our governed by it, then we run the risk of overlooking many other things in life.

Since the data revolution, the whole world has come a long way.  And by no means have we reached the end. Therefore, it is safe to say that the revolution in data is not yet over. There are yet more discoveries to be made and groundbreaking research to be conducted. Our knowledge into the realms of data is only meant to expand. However, it also requires that human element.