Sometimes I get worried when I think about the internet and everything that I post on it. Everything that I put out there is truly a permanent record that I hardly realize the extent of. Every post, every picture, every comment is forever out there on theĀ internet. A simple delete does not suffice to erase the record of it. You have to be conscious and careful about what you put out there. Even simple blog post like these are permanent record of our opinions and feelings at the time. If someone was to search my name, these posts could potentially be pulled up and be used to create a view of me. That can be a scary thought because I have the potential of saying something that I don’t mean as I usually write these posts in an hour and rarely proofread them. Ā This is one of the great drawbacks that comes with the use of the internet.

On the other hand, the internet has some huge positives. It really does connect us to each other in the great global network. We can go places that we never went before through connecting with people on many platforms. One of these platforms is facebook. Facebook is so much more than social media at this point. For example, during the Arab Spring facebook was used for protests and organization. Facebook may have even been the cause of the uprisings. The Egyptian revolution may very well have been caused by social media, especially facebook for several reasons. Facebook used the internet to spread the word around about what was going on in Egypt and needed to be brought to the attention of people in order to unite the people against the government. Videos of injustice and killings were posted. People were able to say what they wanted to get the word out there and make their opinion public. People were able to unify and protest through organized events on facebook. It is a controversial topic and some experts may disagree, but it is widely argued that the Egyptian Revolution did indeed start on facebook.

Something that is currently going on on facebook is protests of the Keystone XL pipeline as proposed pipeline that runs across america. This is being widely protested for many reasons. One of these problems is the idea that the pipeline poses many environmental hazards. The Keystone XL pipelines completely goes against the idea that we need to stop our dependency on fossil fuels. It is the symbol linked with the current climate change we can see all around us and need to stop rather than continue to add to. A current movement that is happening on facebook is the checking in of people at Standing Rock, ND. This is in solidarity with the people that are protesting the pipeline and putting their lives at risk to protect their land. Who knows if this will actually be able to work in the way that it did for the Arab Spring, but it is worth the try.