Janet Brown is so passionate about her work about Darwin and anybody under the sounds of her voice at the revolutions lecture she gave in Parker-Reed could tell.  She painted to us the whole image of Darwin, from what the society depicts him to be, to what he really was. Her work on Darwin is well above comprehensive which justifies her being the world expert on the subject matter.

She showed us the full picture of Darwin’s popularity across the world and in Great Britain especially. A single man commands so much respect and fanaticism for him to merit to be discussed as a revolution. Brown  displayed images of Darwin’s name on toys, beers and even being the name of restaurants. He has a mountain named after him, his face is on the British currency. What are we to make of all this?

He is credited as the mind behind the theory of evolution of mankind. The origin of species which he also chose to be his book title. Brown explained that much of his achievements were because he had no job. He had an incredible amount of free time on his hands and had independent riches left for him from his mother and father. A great mind that liked science and even had a lab in his garden.  He concentrated on hybridization and fertilization. Janet mentioned that he observed humans and apes and drew his line based off of what he had recorded. He was a man of lists and was organized in terms of data entry.  Professor Brown gave an example of a personal list he made on whether to marry or not to marry.  He put down all the pros and cons and finally decided to marry. He went on to marry his cousin!

Such was the man Darwin. After all the descriptions of him, it would be wrong not to admit that his work sparked a revolution. It should be clear to the masses that Darwin valued and lived for science. People should stop glorifying him and embrace the science that he stood for.