The art of communication is one of the most important dynamics concerning the connection between individuals. You could argue that without proper communication civilizations wouldn’t be able to exist. With this in mind, it is crucial for the livelihood of communication to have different forms and means of existence. Whether in the tangible form of words, or in an abstract form that can only be felt or experienced, proper communication has an innate ability to get a point across, evoke emotion, and spark imaginations.


Great people in the history of our world have used literary communication for as long as they have had it at their disposal. Some use speeches, others use letters. The use of communication through a vernacular language is so undervalued in our society because we have had it so long. But even if we did not have this technology we would still be able to get our ideas across effectively simply because communication through words or even sign language isn’t our only means of communication.


So how would we communicate if we couldn’t use words? The answer is communication through expression. Individuals can communicate moods, ideas, and attitude through expression either audibly or visually. When it comes to auditory communication, musicians and composers can play their instrument in one way to convey a sad feeling and in a different way to signify a feeling of triumph. Whole genres of music are created based on the feelings that is associated with the composition of the piece.


When it comes to visual communication the saying is; a picture can say a thousand words. A picture’s ability to literally be translated into words shows just how versatile communication can be. With every stroke in a painter’s brush, every line from an artist’s pencil, the visionary etches a word or two onto the canvas. Whether intentionally or unintentionally they are conveying a message that can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways. A photographer does the same thing, but instead of using a pencil or a paint brush, they manipulate the lighting, change the angle, develop the image, all to tell the audience something in a beautiful way.


Even more telling than a picture however, is expression through one’s body or facial expressions. A person can tell a lot about what their thinking and how they feel just by their facial expressions. People express different body language that reflect the emotions they are feeling. Perhaps even more expressive than body language, is expression through bodily contact. Whether it’s someone’s touch or someone’s force, bodily contact often expresses things that words cannot.