Facebook is changing the way humans receive news. As the new generation grows up in the internet age, and forms habits based on current technologies, Facebook becomes the base camp of internet information consumption. This change comes from Facebook’s specialized feed of information, which is made up mostly of friends photos and specialized media. This specialized media is made up of articles and videos posted by friends from credible and non-credible news sources. because of the variety of the Facebook’s news feed, it easily becomes the most efficient and enjoyable news source. Due to the fact that everyone uses Facebook and it is extremely easy to share with friends, the platform becomes an amazing way for activists like Khalid Albaih to spread there word of reform. The visually based feed always for Khalid to share his cartoons with thousands of friends instantly, or even share them to a group full of people from certain locations. All it takes is one captivating cartoon until the user has clicked on it and is  learning about the social movement Khalid is pushing for.

Although Facebook’s sharing power is amazing for positive social movements like Khalid’s, and a relaxing time online, it can also be a bad thing, giving people false/bias perspectives. Most of the news that comes up on your Facebook feed is not from the sources that you “like” or follow, but from other people who shared the information. Everyone has friends that want to be or are activists, and so many of these people are sharing information about controversial issues that people are aware of. Therefor the information that is posted is not intended to spread word of this issue but to force an opinion on it, and often, a very biased opinion. Personally my Facebook feed is infested with biased opinions on controversial issues. These sources often seem to quiet official and always have the intent of hooking a young Facebook reader, when the bias is so great Fox news and CNN might as well be the same. One could say that Khalid’s posts are one sided, however the intensions behind the posts are deep with the intent to make the world a better place, and the majority of the world will always support him as he marches forward to bring more freedom to the world. Facebook is amazing way to share idea’s for the masses, however we must be careful in recognizing what is important and what is not.