I believe in the Internet. I believe in its ability to make stories and realities, all things visible and invisible. I believe in its thoughtless inclusion of everything and everyone and its rejection of any notion of exclusivity. It heightens the world’s capacity to carry on simultaneously everywhere at the same time.

I believe the Internet is timely and timeless. I also believe that the shortness of our lives makes everything more urgent. Everything is more pressing because there is an expiration date, a deadline, a time when everything is due. I believe we should be aware of our mortality because the Internet is not eternal either. I believe the Internet is helping us forget our past faster because ideas have no time to constellate before they’re discarded in favor of a novel one. I believe we’re facing the same problems others faced centuries ago. This makes us think that we´re somehow alone… The Internet is worsening our technological hubris get the best of us, thinking that we’re somehow alone in this planetary chaos.

I do not believe this is the only thing the Internet can do. It can help connect unconnected knowledge, erase any boundaries of time and space, and create new insight. I believe in the endless possibilities of the Internet and in the strength in numbers. I believe that belonging in the multitudes does not forfeit your identity, but defends it. Imitating others is not surrendering your voice, it is finding new ways to be better. Sometimes we don’t know where we stand and by looking up to others, we find our own voice. This does not always end pleasantly; we often make mistakes. I believe in making all kinds of mistakes, saying the wrong things, thinking the wrong things, and I believe that can be remedied. I believe in the uncomfortable benefit of changing our minds. I believe we all have the need to understand and be understood, and finally find some sort of contentment and fulfillment when we say what we have to say.

I believe this world is looking for the limelight because we look for solace. We’re too eager to find heroes, and the media will go through great lengths to build them up and tell their stories. We need to remember that heroes rise at the expense of others who won’t be heroes.

I believe they will eventually be forgotten.

I believe the world we live in is not nice and that we are not okay. I believe that when we are okay, we have no need to be radical, no need to change our lives. I believe in hardships not only happen, but they are necessary because they’re life’s way of telling us the truth. When faced with hardships, we create.

I believe in art and all of its expressions. I believe it shatters the borders of language and geography. I believe that governments fear the power of art and of ideas because they can be revolutionary. Even though the medium can be repressed, ideas will still spread like a dandelion’s seeds because the seed was already planted. It’s too late to stop an idea from moving forward. I believe that with ideas, we can escape the terminal velocity of the Internet. I believe in the future. I believe that someone out there can do things better than I can, and I believe this is a manifestation of hope. I believe in all the people, there are so many people. I believe people are smart. I believe we’ll cope. I believe we’re smart enough to figure it out.