Whether or not you are a fan of social media, you can not deny the reach of its power.  Khalid Albaih harnessed the power of social media as his platform for sharing his thoughts and perspective on political matters. He was asked on advice which would be the best social media outlet to use in starting a revolution. Khalid answered that you should go to where the people are. By that he meant every possible social media outlet.  Reaching masses with his art, Khalid is pushing for change.

He put up a slide that read Facebook + Twitter + Al Jezera = Revolution.  Social media and comprehensive media sources put a light on government ills especially in the Arab nations.  His art acts as his language, and just like any other language Spanish French or English you need to really grasp it to interpret whatever comes out it. So whether you have no idea what Twitter is, or you spend three or more hours on Facebook each day, there is always something to learn. Khalid said the internet is an ocean of knowledge.  Khalid Albaih draws a cartoon everyday and has done this for the past six or so years. Some of he’s drawing go viral on the internet but he admits that he does not take pride in going viral. A picture that goes viral will soon be forgotten. He is interested in change and shedding a light on intolerable ills.

His cartoons go viral often but a few examples proved exceptional to him. He got word that his cartoons are being used as wall graphitis in revolutionary protests. This he takes pride of. This happened not only in Egypt but also in Sudan and Yemen. Social media is the key for these sort of activists. It enables them to connect and share ideas and offer professional criticism. Their art is a tool for revolution and social media is their channel to broadcast their message out. Many Arab national governments put a on internet because of the potential it has. The internet opened several doors for Khalid. He spoke about his work allowing him to acquire visas. Art is a universal language and Khalid Albaih knows this fact all too well.