You can find anything, read anything, write anything, and do anything on the internet. All opinions are heard and allĀ information is free. You can even meet the love of your life on the internet. It is a revolutionary space to share global trends. The attractiveness of the internet is the opennesses to its users. It’s basically the platform, the foundation of equality. But how open and equal is it really? Most websites have rights to censor inappropriate posts; and, those websites also get to choose what they deem ‘inappropriate.’ I mean, the internet ‘pioneers’ believed it would transform societies around the world… But did they expect it to change so much? Some people would argue that it has transformed humanity in a diminishing and devastating way. Yes, it gives power to the common folk. Yes, it answers all of our questions and problems. But wait…. rather than a platform of equality, promoting fairness it has become a job-sucker and unemployment-maker. It’s a monopoly diminishing its competition. Look at Google, Apple, and Amazon for example. They have taken over, making other companies reliant on them. Where did the competition go? They got curbed. Bullying and personal abuse have overpowered social media and democracy ceases to exist. Social media has become a platform for mob rule. Its users have become victims of bigotry and hatred.

The internet has become a visa; for better or for worse. Of course, people contribute to the common good of society, pushing compassion and kindness towards strangers. Yet, the majority have (maybe unknowingly) become uncompassionate and hide behind their screens. I mean, without any real human interaction how could one possibly care about another?

The internet is a visa, and those who use it are being watched. And when I say watched, I mean scrutinized very, very closely. We are all connected by the internet. And the internet is quantifying our every move… for profit. Data gatherers are sitting behind their desks watching us as we Google our brains out, replacing our thoughts with typable questions and issues we don’t even have to think to answer anymore. And those gatherers are watching, quantifying, and profiting while we buy buy buy our hearts out as we see every latest gadget that we “need” pop onto our screens.

So the secret is out. We are being watched and we can no longer be lost in the crowd. Those days are over whether we like it or not. And the internet, which was created to help human lives become more efficient and spread the wealth receives in one big F for failure. It’s diminishing humanity, making us more anti-social, and we are becoming one big self-induced egocentric society. I wonder if it’s too late to cancel the visa…..