With Professor Wood’s lecture his explanation of how people look at history was out of the ordinary. Normally people will look at the events that happened and only take into account the actions that the people have made. History neglects to look at the weather that had an impact on the actions that were going on. In modern times we can see how weather plays a huge role in the way that the outcomes of events. My particular favorite interest in life is sports. Very few times do people want to attribute the weather is causing an outcome.

The most obvious memory from my life that was changed by weather was a ski race. In the morning about six inches of snow fell along with very cold temperatures. The athletes had to push snow off of the course for nearly an hour and as the first group, the best men in the field raced while it stayed cold and cloudy. After about an hour the weather drastically changed, the sun came out the temperature began to rise causing the snow to melt. But it was partly cloudy and the clouds would come back in after about fifth teen minutes of sunshine causing the softening snow to harden to ice. As the race wore on this happened many times. Around bib 80 the cycle was continuing and a young man, who had no shown no signs of quickness was able to win the race. In ski racing racers start off their rank and on average the winner has a start order less than 15 so this result was near impossible. As the lodge watched the run and time be posted many questioned how such a result could be possible. Some even speculated that the time most be wrong and it will be corrected shortly. Very few could look at the science behind the result, that the weather had such a role in causing such a major change in history.

While my personal case of weather changing the course of history is very small, but it highlights how weather can cause such a major change. Throughout history much more major events have been effected by weather events. Napoleon deciding to enter into Russia during the winter, he was unable to calculate how his army might not be able to fight while under such different conditions. The lack of thought for how the weather will have an impact on the course of events seems the problem. In the lecture the highlighting of weather and its effect on history showed this very well.