Peter Forbes on reimagining the promise of conservation: Obligations and opportunities in the next generation

Peter Forbes helped to launch a year of activities around the theme of Community, Culture, and Conservation: Sustaining Livelihoods and Landscapes.  Over two days September 28-29 2015 Forbes engaged with students, faculty and staff, and community members and presented a public talk, “Reimagining the Promise of Conservation—Obligations and Opportunities in the Next Generation.”

Click here to hear a podcast of Peter Forbes’ September 29, 2015 talk.

Peter Forbes is a co-founder and faculty member at the Center for Whole Communities, a land-based leadership development organization. He works to redefine conservation as achieving resilient relationships between people and place and between one another. “For twenty years,” he has said, “I’ve been creating curricula and leading learning experiences designed to help people transform their lives and work to better fit their values and to build professional relationships across divides of class, race, profession and ideology.”