Community, Culture and Conservation

We received extraordinary interest and participation in the recent  Community, Culture, and Conservation: Sustaining Landscapes and Livelihoods conference.  We were thrilled by the overwhelming response to this timely topic, and grateful for the heartfelt discussion the conference generated.

The conference was part of a yearlong series of events exploring the intersection of communities and nature and the role of cultural events in shaping that intersection.  Community, Culture and Conservation and brought together noted writers, scholars, performers, public officials, and community members to facilitate discussion, make connections, and find solutions to economic and conservation challenges faced by communities in Maine, New England, the country, and the world.

Visit the conference webpage for more information:  Community, Culture and Conservation: Sustaining Landscapes and Livelihoods conference

 Guiding questions for this year and the conference include the following:  

  • By listening to community, and building on culture, can we integrate commerce and conservation?
  • What are the barriers to engaging across differences on these issues?
  • What does success look like in sustaining landscape and livelihoods in Maine and the nation? 

This conference is the capstone of a year of events.  For more information about the Community, Culture and Conservation project, visit the pages below.

Why 2016?

Community, Culture and Conservation: Sustaining Landscapes and Livelihoods conference

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