When exams end in May, and seniors prepare for commencement, the responsibilities of the garden, organized and overseen by COFGA during the school year, are assumed by the two summer interns.

Past interns have often been members of COFGA, employed under the direction of Dining Services to spend their summers tending to the garden.  The internship is a paid position and the students live on campus with approximately 200 other student workers and research assistants.  Interns participate in the entire growing process, from planting seeds to transplanting seedlings, to harvesting mature fruits and vegetables and delivering them to their final destinations.  The harvests are delivered to the Colby Dining Halls and the Waterville Food Bank, or are sold to students and faculty through our own farm stand on campus. The interns work closely with the Biology Department to help start the plants properly and fully utilize the greenhouse.  Throughout the summer, the interns go on several field trips to learn more about the production and distribution of food, locally and commercially, in Maine.  The two interns are also in charge of recruiting volunteers over the summer, and leading several student and faculty tours, including a C2IT (Colby Community Involvement Trip) and a COOT (Colby Outdoor Orientation Trip).  When school starts back up in the fall, management of the garden falls again to COFGA and its students.

Colby students who are interested should contact Marietta LaMarre of Dining Services ([email protected]).

Past Interns:

Summer of 2017: Rachel Benway ’19, Justice Mokobocho ’19, James Burnett ’20

Summer of 2016: Ella McDonald ’19, Daphne Hernandez ’18, Nick Pattison ’18

Summer of 2015: George Hill ’16, Amelia Chambers ’16, Nick Pattison ’18

Summer of 2014: Lidia Henderson ’16 and George Hill ’16

Summer of 2013: Jeff Meltzer ’15 and Lidia Henderson ’16

Summer of 2012:  Avery Beck ’14 and Jeff Meltzer ’15

Summer of 2011:  Julie Kafka ’12 and Nina Hatch ’13

Summer of 2010:  Ben Weinberger ‘11, Meg Kruithoff ’12, and Margie Weiner ’12

Summer of 2009:  Robyn Wardell ’11 and Meg Kruithoff ’12

Summer of 2008:  Andy Smith ’11 and Ben Hummel ’12 J

Words from Alumni

Nick Pattison ’18: “The Garden at Colby has a slightly salty smell, as if from thousands of years ago the earth is beginning to till itself up and show us its own story. By working on the land, we are listening to its story, and creating a new one, bringing us closer in connection to the earth, where many things are born, live, and relive.”


Ella McDonald ’19: Ella has grown up with access to and knowledge of veggies, however this is her first time gardening/farming. She has worked in the greenhouse at colby, and developed her love of plants and the environment, and has continued that at the student garden!


Daphne Hernandez ’18: Daphne hails from one of the largest cities in the country: Houston, Texas, and has experience tending to her family’s yard garden, which consists of some cooking herbs, a few fruit trees, and chickens.

Amelia Chambers ’16: “In just one summer in the garden I’ve learned so much about food, plants, the world, and myself. It has been an invaluable life experience and the coolest summer I’ve ever had.”photo (2)

George Hill ’16: “I like gardening because it involves a variety of different tasks.”

photo (3)