13498052_920691824726294_297691827633856411_o (1)1. The Hall School

As a mission of our garden, we strive to educate, engage with the Colby gardens. Through this, we work with the Hall School, a local elementary school, to teach gardening and farming both at their school and at our garden.

It is especially important to teach these students about gardening and real food because it can spark a new interest and offer valuable life lessons about growing food.

At the Hall School:

We work with the Hall School’s garden club to help prepare and eat special, healthy meals and then enjoy it with the students. This ¬†allows us to interact and learn from each other! ¬†

At the Colby Gardens:

Kids from the hall school come to the Colby Gardens to learn to grow some of their own food, and see the fruit of their labor. We plant things like corn, squash, and beans with the students, to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship of these plants. We also plant leaf lettuces and carrots with the students to show them how simple and enjoyable growing plants can be.

2. The Alfond Youth Center: Food For Thought

What we do:

Throughout the week in the afternoons, students from Colby spend time at the AYC helping to run the Gardening Club. We help to plant, harvest, and clean the greenhouse. We also create weekly fun activities or mini-lessons to supplement the daily tasks in the greenhouse. We also help with the monthly Family Dinners at the AYC by demonstrating how to cook sample meals that can be made with the ingredients provided through the Backpack Program that many students take home after the dinner. Interested in joining? Email Gail Carlson ([email protected]).

Colby students in front of the geometric greenhouse at the AYC.

3. Healthy Waterville Action Team

Starting in 2018, we will be collaborating on join events with the Healthy Waterville Action Team, a group run by Healthy Northern Kennebec. This is an organization that works on a number of efforts to create a healthy, vibrant community in our local area.

We will be volunteering in Waterville’s Community Gardens and the Community Tower Gardens in Waterville Public Schools.