This documents page is a useful and informational resource. Our main uses for this page are:

  1. For the use of visitors to learn more about our garden, what goes into planning, preparing, and managing the garden.
  2. A space for current or perspective garden interns to refer to and update with their own information. This is a space that wisdom from interns past can be passed down to interns and students in the present and future.
  3. Convey safety information, publicize student expenses, and our earnings from farmers markets

Our Brochure


Garden Plans/Layouts

Garden Plan 2017

Garden Plan 2016

Plan for Learning and Civic Engagement 2018-2019

Plan of Engagement

Greenhouse planting information 

Seed Info 2017

Greenhouse Calendar 2017

Seed Info 2016: What temperature to start seedlings at, when to plant

Greenhouse Calendar 2016: Materials needed, how many seeds needed to plant, spacing of plants in the trays and in the garden

Summer Garden Harvest and Care Information

Estimated Harvest Time 2016:  Estimated Harvest Calendar of when we will be harvesting our products

2013 Garden Journal – Daily tasks completed in 2013 summer garden

2012 Garden Activities Journal:

Harvest Counts

Harvest Counts 2015: Harvest Recordings from Summer of 2015, Please use as a baseline for the following years.

Harvest Counts 2013

Harvest Count 2012 

Budget and Supplies Order

Spring Tool and Supply Order 2017

Full Budget 2017

Intern Information:

Summer Garden Intern Job Description – Outline of the Duties of a Garden intern

Colby Garden Presentation 2015 – Fall Garden Interns Presentation (For Summer 2015)

COFGA Instruction Manual by Month – Jeff’s Instruction Manual – Useful to look at every once in a while to remind yourself what to focus on.

Farm Contact List: Useful Document of possible Farms to Visit

Interesting Plant Information:

Cover Crops – Cornell Extension: Listing of many cover crops, how and when to plant and take care of them, and what they do for the soil.

Cornell’s Cover Crop Decision Tool: This is a great tool for determining when to plant a cover crop, and what to look for when planting a cover crop. It has helpful tips about growing, like suggestions to add nitrogen to Sudangrass. A very informative tool about cover crops.

Greenhouse Growing Resources and IPM (Integrative Pest Management):

Plant Banker Systems for Aphid Control: A thorough experiment about selecting a banker crop (crop where predators of Aphids can live).

More information and how-to about aphid banker plant systems in greenhouses

Earnings and Expenses

Earning Reports Summer 2016

Expense Reports Summer 2016

For Pricing for Farmers Markets, Please Visit: MOFGA’s Organic Price Report Page


Guidelines For Use of Metal Firepit During COFGA or Related Club Events

Food Safety and Product Safety: A section of a book on food safety at farms, and how to optimize food safety with proper veggie washing, packing, hand-washing, and crop storage.