Food waste is a huge problem globally. Approximately 40% of the food we produce gets wasted, often for no good reason. For example, a lot of fruits and vegetables are deemed “un-sellable” because they don’t look like what a typical apple, carrot, etc. is supposed to look like. However, these products have nothing wrong with them and actually may have extra ┬ábenefits that a standard piece of fruit or vegetable lacks.

Fruits can have a higher sugar content because of the stress they endured during whatever caused them to be “ugly.” This makes them sweeter and all around tastier. Also, infected tissue in fruits and vegetables can have a higher antioxidant content than healthy tissue. The plants accumulate more phenolic compounds during their response to infection. Additionally, ugly produce is often sold at a discounted price point, meaning it can be cheaper to eat these kinds of fruits and vegetables. Being healthier, saving money, and contributing to fighting the food waste crisis are all awesome reasons why ugly produce is seriously the better produce!