Cabbage is not the most appealing vegetable, I’ll admit that upfront. It can seem pretty bland, boring, and hard to cook with. However, it is a durable, versatile vegetable that can grow all summer and far into the fall. Here are a list of our top 3 recipes for using cabbage in a variety of ways. They are super easy, flexible if you don’t have the exact right ingredients, and delicious. Impress friends, family, and yourself with your newfound ability to turn everyone’s least favorite vegetable into something you’ll make over and over again!

  1. “Napa cabbage and kale coleslaw with creamy miso ginger dressing”
    • Cabbage is a great base for salads and creative coleslaws. It can soak up dressings to become super flavorful and pairs well with a variety of other greens and veggies such as: kale, carrots, cucumbers, edamame, and peas.
  2. “Basic Spicy Cabbage Stir Fry”
    • You can very easily stir-fry cabbage to make a healthy, veggie-filled stir fry. This recipe provides examples of great seasonings to use and adds carrots and chives for extra color and flavor. Stir-fried cabbage can be added to rice or noodles and meat or tofu to make a complete, simple meal.
  3. “Cabbage Pancakes”
    • Pancakes are amazing and super easy to customize and throw together quickly. Adding veggies and some spices to a basic pancake batter makes them a great savory dish. Here is one recipe that uses cabbage to make pancakes with sriracha mayo!