Having plants in our dorms keeps us healthy and happy- they look nice and they help to keep the O2 flowing in your room!

From Costa Farms comes a list of the best and easiest plants to keep in your dorm. You can buy these from most local nurseries around Colby or your home. Also, if you visit the Common Ground Fair in September, make sure to check out the succulents stand!

  1. Cacti and Succulents
    • They require bright light and little water- wait until the soil is totally dry before you water them again.
  2. Lucky Bamboo
    • They like low to medium light so don’t put them directly below a window! Their soil should be kept moist so water them every few days.
  3. Aloe Vera
    • A striking plant that loves bright light and a little water. Don’t let the soil totally dry out but also they shouldn’t sit in standing water.
  4. ZZ Plants
    • These plants are virtually indestructible: they can grow in any light and prefer little water. The only way to kill them is to give them too much water so let the soil dry between waterings.
  5. Ferns
    • A classic houseplant that is easy to find, ferns are pretty easy to maintain. They prefer medium to bright light and enough water that their soil never dries out. Group them with other plants if possible because they grow best in humid conditions.