Clean Makeup


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This is a site designed to introduce you to what toxic ingredients are found in cosmetics and give you resources to find more information on the science behind the harmful ingredients. This site provides suggestions for healthier product choices, but remember we can’t shop our way out of the problem. Toxic ingredients must be removed from all of our products.

Meet the Toxic Ingredients in Your Cosmetics! Insider information on what is in your makeup, lotion, shampoo, and more! Learn how they effect your health and fertility!

Shopping Guides! Pocket sized shopping guides that will help you choose safer cosmetics, plastics, skin care products and more! They can help you reduce (but not eliminate) your exposure to environmental toxics.

Quiz: Which Product is Safer? Do you reach for the vinyl product or the fabric alternative? Test your knowledge on which product is the safer choice!

How To: Read a Cosmetic Label! Learn which ingredients are toxic and how to find them on the label!

Organic? Natural? Find out what these terms really mean! They may not mean the product is better for you…

Body Burdens: Toxic Chemicals in Your Body Find out what toxic chemicals are in your body! Studies conducted by the U.S. government and independent organizations reveal what is in the bodies of U.S. citizens, including teen girls…the results may be shocking!

Current Laws Learn how the cosmetic industry is unregulated by the U.S. federal government but Europe and U.S. states are taking action to protect their citizens from toxic ingredients in products.

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