CH332 Lab


Date Title Link
2/7 No Laboratory this week! LABORATORY NOTES
2/13 Operational Amplifiers (1) OPAmplifiers2015

Cool OpAmp Design Tools

741 Pinouts

2/20 Operational Amplifiers/Thermocouples (2)
2/27 Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) – FIA Analysis CH332-ICP Water Testing 2018
3/6 Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) – FIA Analysis
3/13 IR Spectroscopy of Ethanol using ATR Analysis-of-Ethanol-in-Vodka,
3/20  Fluorescence Fluorescence-decay-of-Oxygen and QS 2018,  Gutow, 2005

(Note:  don’t confuse fluorescence half life with fluorescence decay rate.)

3/27 Spring Break
4/3 LCMS of DNA Oligos nihms449858

P Scott Characterization of the major monoadducts and cross-links by ECH thesis LAST TRUE ULTIMATE FINAL FINITO

Oligo peak matching



4/10 LCMS of DNA Oligos
4/18 HPLC  HPLC Wars

Background reading on HPLC: Skoog, Chapter 28

4/24 HPLC 
5/1 HPLC
 5/8 GC-MS of VOCs GC of VOCs