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Week VIII – Bonding

Reading:  Chapter 8

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

 Lecture Outline:

Ionic Bonding
Lattice Energies
Covalent Bonding
Lewis Structures
Bond Polarity and Electronegativity

Resources:   Chapter 8 slides

Week VII Periodic Trends

Reading:  Chapter 7

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

 Lecture Outline:

Periodic Table
Effective Nuclear Charge
Atom and Ion Size
Ionization Energy
Electron Affinity
Properties of Metal, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
Group Trends in the Periodic Table

Resources:   Chapter 7 Slides, CaO, Na(s), Web Elements 

Week VI. 10/19/2016 and 10/24/2016 – Atoms

Reading:  Chapter 6

UntitledExam on Thursday, 10/27 at 5 PM.   Review session on Tuesday, 10/25 at 6 PM – Keyes 105.

A practice exam can be found on the “Sample Exams” section of the course website.

Exam information: The exam will cover the class material from chapters 1-5, chapter 20 sections 1-2 (redox reactions), and chapter 6 sections 1-5 (only pg. 226-227 in section 5 – quantum numbers will not be tested on exam 2), and laboratory material from experiments 1-5. Allowed exam items are pens/pencils and a course-approved calculator. You will be provided with a periodic table. There will be an optional review session on Tuesday, October 25th starting at 6:00 pm in Keyes 105.

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

 Lecture Outline:

Energy is Quantized
Line Spectra and the Bohr Model
Wave nature of matter
Atomic Orbitals
Orbital Shapes
Electronic Configurations

 Resources:   Chapter 6 ImagesBohrSchrodinger


Week V. 10/3/2016 and 10/10/2016 – Themochemistry

Reading:  Chapter 5

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

Lecture Outline:

System and Surroundings
State Functions
PV Work
First Law
Heats of Reaction

Resources:  Colby Biomass,  chapter 5 I 2013, Lake Turns Animals to Stone, Heat Capacitiesheats of formation, Per capita CO2 production