Week IV 9/26/2016. Reactions in Aqueous Solution

Review session for first exam is on Sunday at 7 PM in Arey 5.

Reminder: Exam 1 is Monday, Oct. 3rd!  Exam Locations: Last name A-M in Keyes 105.  Last name N-Z in rooms 102 and 103, and 114.

A practice exam can be found on the “Sample Exams” section of the course website.

Exam information: Exam 1 will be held on Monday, October 3rd from 5:00-7:00 pm. You may work for the entire 2 hours, but the exam is expected to take most students 60 min. The exam will cover the class material from Chapters 1-3, chapter 4 sections 1-2 and 5-6 (note: titrations from section 6 will not be tested), and laboratory material from experiments 1-2. Allowed exam items are pens/pencils and a course-approved calculator. You will be provided with a periodic table. There will be an optional review session on Sunday, October 2nd starting at 7:00 pm in Arey 5.

Reading:  Chapter 4 and chapter 20.2 (balancing REDOX reactions)

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

Lecture Outline:

Properties of Aqueous Solutions
Precipitation Reactions
Acid/Base Reactions
Redox Reactions
Activity Series
Working with solution concentration
Solution Stoichiometry

Resources: Sucroseelectrolytes (I),  redox figures 2013