Getting Our Toes Wet With Field Work

This week we got our first real taste of work on the lake. The goal for the day
was to take samples from the various rivers and streams flowing in and out of Great
Pond. So with maps in hand and waterproof boots in the trunk, we headed out in
two vans towards varying sites around the perimeter of the lake.

IMG_0550Our first day was definitely an adventure. When my van got to our first site,
we were expecting a dam, but couldn’t find one! After consulting the map and
hacking through the underbrush for a while, we determined that we were indeed in
the right place; there was simply no dam. Then we thought that we had forgotten
some of our data collection equipment (although we found it later). The process got
smoother as we went along, and we were able to enjoy a gorgeous day on the
Belgrade Lakes. By the time we got back to campus (and after a quick stop for some
homemade fudge), we had worked everything out and had a cooler full of water
samples. We’ve officially started, and there’s no going back now!


Cassie Raker