People are more kind and caring when they hold a cup of piping-hot coffee in their they also conscious about where to place crystals in your home for the best energy or for positive vibes. Because crystals have power to keep our surrounding more positive. In other words, if you don’t take charge of your surroundings, they take charge! It is crucial to have a positive atmosphere where we can thrive, and crystals can play a big role in this.

You can apply it to yourself and many others you know. To explain that crystals have a positive effect on your environment and hence on your behaviour and well-being, whether you’re holding, wearing or infusing the atmosphere with their energy.

Here are the places where to place crystals in your home for the best energy:


Selenite: Before us, the bedroom is the most crucial space to maintain a clean and clear aura. It’s where we rest, love, and reflect our deepest feelings after a long day. A profound energy cleaner, such as the “liquid light” crystal known as selenite, is ideal for a peaceful night’s sleep and beautiful dreams.

A child’s room

Celestite: Celestite is always a welcome addition when it comes to your kids’ bedrooms. The white light of this luminescent stone envelops the wearer in a cocoon of peace and tranquilly.

Quartz in the form of smoky smoke: You like to add smoky quartz to your children’s bedrooms from time to time to stabilise and absorb any negative energy.

The entrance to the house.

Carnelian and pyrite: you keep a small stone of pyrite or carnelian by your front door at all times. In addition to protecting against negativity, these stones also bring in the positive vibes of abundance.

Tourmaline in black: A chunk of black tourmaline is placed on the exterior of your home at the front entrance or any other entrance leading inside as an additional measure of protection.

The living room is the place to be.

Amethyst: When you’ve worked hard all day, you don’t want to come home and find yourself surrounded by tension. Stress-relieving amethyst is ideal for creating an atmosphere of tranquilly and rejuvenation.

When it comes to clearing negativity and emitting positive emitting, you have found this stone ill. Even so, this stone can be placed in any house room because it is one of those gems that you can’t possibly dislike.


Rose quartz countertop: It’s a treat to eat a meal made with care and attention. Adding rose quartz to your kitchen is a simple way to boost the flavour of everything you cook. Rose quartz on the windowsill helps me keep the atmosphere of love in my kitchen when preparing dinner.

Quartz crystals in their natural state: Make a crystal altar in your kitchen to evoke inventiveness and creativity. You’ll get a burst of creativity every time their radiance strikes your eye. To protect the energy in my home, you place a large clear quartz cluster on top of my kitchen table. An area filled with rainbows when the sun strikes a clear quartz cluster evolves into a positive setting for family dinners.


Aventurine in the colour green: 

´╗┐Infuse your plants with vigour by placing green aventurine at the base of the stems. For an added boost of vitality, bury a clean stone in the ground of your yard or plant pot, and put clear quartz. If you have any broken or chipped crystals, the garden is the ideal location. Rather than throwing them away, use them to aid in the growth of your plants!

Focus on what you desire for your plants during a short meditation in the garden. When you frequently forget to water your plants, bury the stone in the ground and set an intention to be more conscious and attentive. Want to make a difference in the world with your enthusiasm for health and well-being?

Areas of Consciousness

There is nothing better than having a huge geode in a spiritual or healing area. Using the amethyst geode as you show in the video or a spiritual place is a terrific way to bring positive energy into a large room and make it feel more comfortable. Sugilite, for example, is a good choice for psychological defence. In addition, the space in Black Tourmaline usually could never go wrong in terms of purifying and neutralising the energy.


We have explained all about where to place crystals in your home for the best energy in this article. The only thing left for you to do is to rationally consider the kind of energy you want to create in that particular room or place. It is now time to pick the right stones, crystals, and minerals to enhance and focus on the energies you need most in the room.