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Liber extra, Decretalists

Liber extravagantium decretalium (Decretales Gregorii IX) (1234) [text-searchable pdf] [html] [spreadsheet of canons with incipits and inscriptions]

Liber extravagantium decretalium. Edited by Emil Friedberg. In Corpus Iuris Canonici, volume 2. Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1881. Reprint Graz: Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, 1959. PDF hosted by Columbia University Libraries; HTML hosted by Bibliotheca Augustana; spreadsheet courtesy of Ed Reno.

Goffredus de Trano, Summa super titulis Decretalium (ca. 1243) [pdf]

Gottofredo da Trani (Goffredus Tranensis). Summa super titulis Decretalium. Lyon, 1519. Reprint Aalen: Scientia, 1968. Hosted by Colby College.

Pope Innocent IV (Sinibaldo dei Fieschi), Apparatus in quinque libros Decretalium (ca. 1245) [pdf]

Pope Innocent IV. Apparatus in quinque libros Decretalium. Frankfurt, 1570. Hosted by Colby College.

Hostiensis (Henry of Susa), Summa Aurea (ca. 1253) [pdf: lib. 1; lib. 2; lib. 3; lib. 4; lib. 5]

Hostiensis. Summa aurea. Venice, 1574. Hosted by Colby College.

Bernard of Parma, Glossa ordinaria (1263) [pdf]

Corpus juris canonici with Glossa ordinaria. Rome, 1582. Hosted by UCLA Library.

See now The Digital Decretals for downloadable and searchable Word and pdf versions of lib. 1 and lib. 4 (as of April 2018). Created by Edward A. Reno III.

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Decretum, Decretists

Gratian, Decretum (ca. 1140) [text-searchable pdf] [text-searchable html]

Decretum Magistri Gratiani. Edited by Emil Friedberg. In Corpus Iuris Canonici, volume 1. Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1879. Reprint Graz: Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, 1959. PDF version hosted by Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections; HTML version hosted by Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

Decretum Gratiani, first recension. Edited by Anders Winroth et al. (work in progress). [text-searchable pdf with supplemental material, hosted by Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law]

Paucapalea, Summa (1146-1150) [text-searchable pdf]

Die Summa des Paucapalea über das Decretum Gratiani.  Ed. Johann Friedrich von Schulte. Giessen: Emil Roth, 1890. Hosted by Bibliothèque Cujas, Université de Paris.

Rolandus, Summa (1150s-1160s) [text-searchable pdf]

Rolandus. Summa Magistri Rolandi. Mit Anhang Incerti auctoris quaestiones. Edited by Friedrich Thaner. Innsbruck: Wagner, 1872. Hosted by Colby College.

Summa Parisiensis (1160s) [text-searchable pdf]

The Summa Parisiensis on the Decretum Gratiani. Edited by Terence P. McLaughlin. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1952. Hosted by Google Books.

Stephen of Tournai, Summa (1160s) [text-searchable pdf]

Stephen of Tournai. Die summa über das Decretum Gratiani. Edited by Johann Friedrich von Schulte. Giesen, 1891. Reprint Aalen: Scientia, 1965. Hosted by Colby College.

Rufinus, Summa Decretorum (1168) [text-searchable pdf]

Rufinus. Summa Decretorum. Edited by Heinrich Singer. Paderborn: Ferdinand Schoningh, 1902. Reprint Aalen: Scientia, 1963. Hosted by Colby College.

Simon of Bisignano, Summa (ca. 1177-1179) [text-searchable pdf: text] [text-searchable pdf: prolegomena and indices]

Simon of Bisignano.  Summa. Ed. P. V. Aimone. Fribourg, Switzerland, 2007.  Hosted by the University of Fribourg.

Summa “Animal est substantia” (ca. 1206-1216) [text-searchable pdf]

Animal est substantia. Ed. E. C. Coppens. Unpublished. Hosted by Radboud University.

Note: this work in progress was unfinished at the time of Emile Christian Coppens’ death in 2015. The site contains material related to Distinctiones 1-101 and Causae 1-9.

Bartholomew of Brescia, Glossa ordinaria (post-1234) [pdf]

Corpus Iuris Canonici with Glossa Ordinaria. Rome, 1582. Hosted by UCLA Digital Collections.

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