About the blog


Not your average Jan Plan:

Colby College has a 4 – 1 – 4 semester system. This means we have two regular semesters (fall and spring) where we take four classes and one January semester during which we take one course.

For my sophomore Jan Plan I took “The Art of Fly Fishing,” a literature course.

For the first week of the course we read various fly fishing related literature. For the second week we tied flies, practiced casting, and learned about fishing in Maine. During the third week we traveled to Bishop, California, where we spent three days fly fishing the Owens River. This was my first fly fishing experience ever. 1780772_774555132559835_1155221145_n

Looking Beyond the Riffle:

This blog is centered around my introduction, experience, and exploration into the world of fly fishing.

I plan to write about my future fishing experiences and explore the connections between fly fishing and my other interests as a means of chipping away at the endless facets of fly fishing.


I would like to give a big thank you to David Suchoff for creating “The Art of Fly Fishing,” for giving me the opportunity to learn about fly fishing and travel to Bishop, and for continuing to inspire his students to think and do incredible things!