About me

IMG_5855Hi there! My name is Grace Baldwin, I am a student at Colby College in Maine to graduate in 2016, but I originally hail from Weston, Connecticut. I am a Biology Major with a Minor in Chemistry.

This blog is all about Fly-Fishing and how it connects with my academic and extracurricular interests! In reading, studying, learning about, and actually doing fly-fishing, I have found so many connections between fly-fishing and other interests and aspects of my life.

To understand me, really all it takes is to appreciate the things in my life I love most. So below are some fun facts about me that should help you understand why I choose the topics I write about.

My big sister Jane and I at Sichi-Go-San (seven-five-three). A traditional rite of passage in Japan to celebrate the growth and well-being of young children.

When I was 3 years old my family moved to Tokyo, Japan. All of my childhood memories are based in Japan because we proceeded to live there for the next 5 years. Japan is close to my heart, I love the people, culture, food, and living overseas at such a young age really shaped the person I am today. To the right: My big sister Jane and I at Sichi-Go-San.

Trapping out on my Club420 at Regional Champs.

Foreruning Nationals at Stratton Mountain. When I was eight years old we moved back to the U.S. to live in Connecticut. In true New England fashion, I became an avid sailor and skier. From 10 years old until my last year of high school, I raced sail boats during the summer and competed in mogul competitions during the winter. From skiing and sailing I have gained a love for competition and the outdoors (especially water, whether its frozen or liquid). On the left: Trapping out on my Club420 at Regional Champs and forerunning Nationals at Stratton Mountain.

For the past two summers (beginning in 2012), I have taught sailing and coached racing at Pequot Yacht Club in Southport. My summer job is so important to me, I love the kids I teach, my fellow instructors, and the opportunity to spend so much time on the water. To the right: Some of my youngest sailors and I at their first regatta!

Lastly, my family is incredibly important to me. And that includes our three german shorthaired pointers (GSP), two abyssinian cats, three chickens, and nigerian pigmy goat! Below: My family plus the GSP puppies we bred in 2012.

My family plus the german shorthaired pointer puppies we bred in 2012.