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We wish you a Fishy Christmas II

After my last fishing trip before finals week, I thought the season had come to a close.

I was getting ready to finally put my rods back in their cases, but to my delight christmas time was incredibly warm!

I spent christmas in Vermont, and so was able to fish the Battenkill, a river that I can now cross off my fishing bucket list.

In total I went fishing four times. Three times with my dad on the Battenkill (in waders I bought him for christmas!), and once with a friend at the Walloomsac river. We mostly nymphed and didn’t have any luck, but it was pretty sensational to be out on a sunny day in 60-70 degree weather in the last week of december! I did get one good hit on an olive green wooly bugger at the Walloomsac, but other than that no significant bites.

Below are some pictures from the four memorable excursions:

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During christmas break I also tied a ton of flies! My dad bought me a fly tying kit from orvis with an instructional DVD, so I learned to tie 16 different flies! (pictured below) Also for christmas I asked my parents to open the storage container with my great grandfather’s fly fishing stuff—the same great grandfather that collected over 3000 fly fishing books during his life!

One of my favorite things they brought up was a box containing his fly tying materials. There were tons of carefully labeled envelopes with various feathers and furs, including seal and leopard! (also pictured below)

Needless to say, it ended up being a very fishy christmas after all! And a happy new year!

IMG_3397_2 IMG_3399_2



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IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3439 IMG_3440  IMG_3442  IMG_3446 IMG_3448