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Fishing in Bishop: Day 3

An Account of My Third Day Fly Fishing on the Owen’s River

1604904_3890096506949_593068619_nWe headed out to fish on our last day in California at 8:30 am. We started off at the lower Owen’s. Charles landed two fish there, but I had no bites. However, our fishing was cut short in that spot after a game warden came to check our licenses. Dorian had misplaced his guiding license and log book… so sadly we had to pack it up and “call it a day” according to the warden.

However, despite the Warden’s words, Dorian drove us 40 minutes to the upper Owen’s, hoping to escape that Warden’s area of patrol. We fished the upper Owen’s for the rest of the day and our group had a lot of success. I caught my best trout of the entire trip, a 14-15 inch rainbow that was just breathtaking (pictured below). IMG_5855Below you can watch the video of the rainbow trout I caught:

For the last hour of the day, Dorian drove us up to Hot Creek (pictured below), a very special part of the Owens. Dorian took us to a particular hole, where he had caught his biggest brown trout ever. We took turns fishing the hole, and after a couple casts, I hooked a large brown trout. Sadly, I didn’t land the fish due to some netting difficulties, but it was awesome just to hook the fish. Both Charles and John also hooked fish there. It was definitely the best way to finalize our fishing experience in Bishop. Below is a video of our short time fishing in Hot Creek, at the end is a clip of Charles landing his trout:


As the sun began to set, we hiked back up to the car, shed our waders for the last time, and took apart our rods. It was definitely a sentimental ride back to the Inn. As the sun continued to dip lower in the sky, we all reflected on the unforgettable past three days. Not to be too cliché, but although it was the end of the trip, it really felt like the beginning. The beginning of my journey into the art of fly fishing, a sport that I hope will become a life long passion of mine. I know fly fishing will continue to bring me new memories and teach me about nature and life through the seemingly simple act of lunging a thin piece of tubular fiber carbon with a string of nylon into a dark, lifeless hole that in fact contains an entire ecosystem of wonder underneath.1560493_3890097226967_1062243299_n

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