Eat Bad, Feel Good

I always had a feeling that caffeine didn’t hit me hard, but I had no idea I’m more genetically fit for endurance activities. Finding this out in lab came as a huge surprise to me. I’ve never really given endurance activities a chance, but had I known my genes, maybe I would have given them a try. I don’t think it made a huge difference for me though because I’m not training to be elite, but it makes me question what difference sporting choices I could have made. But if I could go back I don’t think I would have changed anything. I’ve always liked fast, explosive activities with constant high intensity.

My current high intensity activity is track. Most all of my events are short and explosive. I want to begin using some legal ergogenic aids. I want to start with improving my nutrition. Eating healthy is something that I will always struggle with, I love junk food way too much. What I can do, luckily, is take nutritional supplements. I would like to start taking a daily vitamin and a vegetable supplement. I do not receive the proper nutrients because of my unbalanced diet. I eat mostly carbs like pizza and pasta. These supplements will allow me to enhance my nutritional intake without much effort at all. I lack amino acid intake because the dining hall doesn’t often offer a meat source that tastes very good. Protein powder after practice will serve me well. These nutritional aids will not only improve my athletic performance, but also my overall health.

It is incredible how easy it is to consume all sorts of vitamins, nutrients, and even illegal performance enhancing drugs. It blows my mind that a person can have a poor diet, yet get all their proper nutrients. That is what I plan to do, eat poorly and artificially receive my nutrients. A better solution may be to just eat healthier, but I don’t have too much faith in my self control when it comes to deserts.

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  1. PokemonHunter says:

    I also think it’s crazy that you can eat junk and still get all of the necessary nutrients. I’ll tell you thoughow, if I ate nothing but pizza and pasta I would blow up like a balloon.

  2. I think eating dessert is OK, as long as you do it in moderation. When you look at the dining hall desserts, do you feel like you could go without? If not, then go for it. But don’t have one just to have one. And try to avoid late-night dessert type snacks! Even Mike Westphal eats chocolate and ice cream, right? I have a hard time passing up a good donut myself.

  3. Two Left Feet says:

    I would say that just because one gene indicates that you should be an endurance athlete doesn’t say everything about what you are naturally inclined to do. In class we were shown about 20 genes that they’ve found to become the “perfect” endurance athlete. Though one gene says that you should be an endurance athlete, it is a lot more complicated than that.

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