Yasuo Kuniyoshi

KuniyoshiYasuo Kuniyoshi was born in 1893 in Okayama, Japan. The artist migrated to the United States in 1906, where he gained citizenship. After studying on the West Coast at the Los Angeles School of Art and Design, Kuniyoshi moved to New York in 1910 to pursue his art career. There, he studied at the Art Students League, where he later taught. In his work, Kuniyoshi blended traditional elements of his Japanese heritage with traditional elements of American painting. He is known for his still-life paintings of common objects, female circus performers, and nudes. He fabricated images from memory and imagination, a traditional Japanese mode of thinking about painting. Kuniyoshi blended this with Occidental cubism and bold colors to create a unique, hybrid style. In 1953, Kuniyoshi was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship among other awards and honors. He died in New York City in 1953.