Maya Lin

mayalin_395Maya Lin was born in 1959 in Athens, Ohio. She graduated from Yale with a BA in 1981 and a MA in 1986. She also has honorary degrees from Williams College, Harvard University, and Smith College. Her most famous work, the Vietnam War Memorial, was the winner of a public design competition, and completed in 1982. It symbolized the loss of soldiers in the Vietnam War, with all the names inscribed on black marble. It is about war memory: always feeling the emotional and physical loss that war brought on to the people involved in the war. Since then, she has built other memorials and other monuments around the country. She has even received an Academy Award for a documentary film titled Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision. Her works deal with hot button issues, such as war, and the downfall of nature. She has her own studio, and is represented by the Pace Gallery in New York.