Lihua Lei

LihuaLihua Lei was born in Taiwan in 1966. When she was five months old she contracted polio, which impeded her from helping her parents in the rice fields. Lei travelled to the US in her early 20s to study art therapy, with the hope of becoming a counselor. However, she quickly developed an interest in ceramics when taking a sculpture class. Lei derives her sculpture art and installations not only from a variety of artistic sources, but from her own personal experiences and memories. Lei’s work invites the viewer to question how our bodies sense, feel, process, and remember the world. Lei embraces her disability through her work, and investigates the body’s transformations. Her work explores the sense of inherent bounty and loss to our bodily condition, allowing the viewers to create their own interpretations of her installations. Lei’s recent work includes installations dealing with breast cancer, her own disability, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She lives and works in Solon, Maine.