Koji Shimizu

kojiKoji Shimizu was born in Japan in 1967. Shimizu grew up in rural Japan on a small strawberry farm where he lived until he moved to Tokyo to attend art school at the age of eighteen. Shimizu graduated from Musahino Art University in Tokyo and received an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. He has lived and worked in New York since 1993.The fact that Shimizu was raised in a multi-generational household of farmers is evident in his art. The artist intertwines his own subjective history into the social and collective fabric. Personal experience with family and war are common themes in his multi-medium artwork.






Photo: Koji Shimizu, Self Portrait (Koji and Cat), The Art Parade, 2005, produced by Deitch Projects in collaboration with PAPER Magazine and Creative Time, September 10, 2005, Photo Credit: Hikari Yokoyama