Hung Hsien

hunghsienHung Hsien was born in 1933 in Taiwan. She studied traditional Chinese painting under Prince Pu Ju (1896-1963), who was the brother of the deposed final Emperor of China, Pu Yi. She later enrolled at Northwestern University and studied art history and oil painting. She is known for her expressive paintings that infuse traditional Chinese art and western abstractions. Professor Li Chu-tsing of the University of Kansas took great interest in her work and included her in two exhibitions. She first appeared in New Directions in Chinese Painting, an exhibition that trav­eled across America for five years be­tween 1968 and 1973, and in a major solo retrospective which toured between 1978 and 1980. She has been shown often in Taiwan and around the world with the Fifth Moon Group. She has also had solo shows in various museums and university galleries across America, which has been home since 1958. In 1974, she moved from Evanston, Illinois to Hornby Island, British Columbia where she remains today.


Photo: Copyright © 2013 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)