An-My Lê

An-My LeAn-My Lê was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1960. When she was eight years old, Lê moved to Paris with her mother to escape the Communist occupation. She returned to Saigon in 1973 only to be evacuated by the Americans in 1975 after the country fell to the Communists. Lê settled in the United States as a political refugee. She received BAS and MA degrees in biology from Stanford University and an MFA from Yale in 1993. In the years following, Lê used photography as a medium to explore the theme of war, myth and memory. She created a trilogy of projects: Viêt Nam (1994-98), Small Wars (1999-2002), and 29 Palms (2003-2004). The first series began in 1995 when the United States renewed relations with Vietnam. Lê wanted to conduct an autobiographical exploration of memories of her war-torn homeland through photography. After completing Viêt Nam, her work began to explore a different angle of memory and war. In her next to projects, Small Wars and 29 Palms, Lê photographed reenactments of war. This work is suspended between traditional documentation and staged photography, presenting themes of disjunction and displacement.