About Us


Bottom Row (L to R)

Shauna Yuan
Year: Sophomore

Major: Art History, Minor: Chinese
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Fun Fact: Shauna was in a full body cast when she was two.

Kristen Nassif
Year: Senior
Majors: Biology, Art (Studio Art and Art History concentrations)
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Fun Fact: Kristen’s dorm room also serves as a shrine to Canada.

Stephanie Yoon
Year: Senior
Majors: French, Art
Hometown: Sunderland, MA
Fun Fact: Stephanie is allergic to pineapple.

Middle Row (L to R)

Leilani S C Pao
Year: Senior
Majors: Economics, Art (Art History concentration)
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Fun Fact: Leilani is a NHL Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Jane Allen
Year: Junior
Majors: American Studies, Music
Hometown: Miami, FL
Fun Fact: Jane is an ordained minister.


Ankeney Weitz
Professor of Art
Fun Fact: I kept myself alive. I passed the Jan. 31, 2014 deadline.