Arrival : Hawaii

Map of Hawaii

Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the United State of America and is geographically part of Polynesia, a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean southwest of the United States.

  • The earliest settlers in Hawaii arrived from the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti between the seventh and thirteenth centuries. They ate fish and poi, a type of paste made from taro plants.
  • English explorer Captain James Cook was the first European to land on Hawaii and the island became an important port for North American and European trade.
  • Hawaii was unified by King Kamehameha I in 1810, and was ruled by his son, Kamehameha II until the 1890s. Under King Kamehameha II, traditional Hawaiian culture was abandoned and Christian missionaries were accepted into the country.
  • In 1959, Hawaii became the last state to be annexed by the United States of America. Today, Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US.

Hawaiian Drum-Dance Chant


Watch the Video, then read on!

  • While some types of chant are very speech-like, Hawaiian drum-dance chant is uniquely song-like. A unique aspect of the Hawaiian drum-dance chant is the use of “vibrato” or a wavering sound in the voice.
  • You can imitate this noise with your voice if you hold a note and then wiggle your finger on your throat. Hear it?
  • There are two types of drums used in the dance-chant: the pahu and the kilu. The pahu (look above) is a large wooden drum and has sharkskin or rayskin stretched as a head, while the kilu is a much smaller drum and is made out of coconut.