A Colby Homecoming

A Graduate's Visit

“Though nostalgia initially drew me back to Mayflower Hill, it was the new ideas and connections that made my day truly special; as always, the weathervane atop Miller Library is perpetually poised to point students in new directions. “

Reflecting on Quilted Conversations

“At first I wondered if I would be a good fit for this project. I am a person from the community who is old enough to be the grandmother of the students involved. But the more I worked with the girls and listened to their conversations, the more I enjoyed myself. I realized we were similar as well as different.”

Loose Threads

Reflections on Teresa Margolles

“At the core of Margolles’s recent work are questions about the insufficiencies of traditional modes of representation. Must a work of art embody or internalize brutality in order to address it?”

Quilted Conversations

Reflecting Upon Violence Through Textiles

The Museum is partnering with Colby’s Feminist Alliance, Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity (SOBHU), and the Womxn of Color Alliance (WOCA) to put together a series of workshops.